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“I’ve always believed that the strength of any message whether spoken or written, is in the heart and complexity of the bearer’s journey. Ardy definitely embraces his journey as an inspirational speaker, as he so genuinely shares both practical and profound insights from his own life chapters. His talks are candid and generous, making it easy for any listener to connect and learn. We look forward to hearing from him again, as we know he has so much more to share and so many more people to encourage and motivate- health professionals, patients and families alike. “

– Dr. Mae Alparaque-CorveraChairman-Bioethics Committee, Asian Hospital 

“We are indeed blessed to have you as our speaker last night. I just have to reiterate that your talk was one of the best I’ve heard in the many years I’ve been here in this industry. I’m grateful I was able to attend it. All the best to you, Ardy Roberto.”

– Espie Garcia, Insular Life

“Mr. Roberto was able to deliver a well-prepared talk with mastery on the topic. He is a good and inspiring leader himself . Overall, he was an amazing speaker who shared his values openly.

The leadership excellence topic, highlighting the way to Lead with L.I.F.E. was very useful, effective and inspiring. It was an opener, hopefully to lead the future leaders toward the change in their goals in life. It was a good vision casting on how leadership with proper values should be perceived. The topic also raised good talking points, giving real-life scenarios. This topic can be applied immediately in personal, individual development.”

– Chenny Galano, Junior Chamber International Philippines

“It was nice to have you as our main speaker. I got awesome feedback from my teammates telling me that your talk was truly inspirational and I would really love to invite you again in one of our future events. Thank you so much!”

– JD Dael, Globe Telecom

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and wonderful stories with us.
It was a such a very engaging and heartwarming experience and lots of people were touched and teary eyed with your inspiring and encouraging sharing of your lives. Again, our deepest appreciation and gratitude for gracing our Accountancy Week Celebration with your presence.”

– Noemi L. Villaruz, PICPA MMR AWC Committee

“Once again, we would like to thank you for being part of the successful conduct of the 2016 Public Sector HR Symposium in Cebu City. Our 1,936 delegates enjoyed learning from the stories on managing transitions that you shared! The event would not have been the success that it was without your participation.

– Milalyn Javellana, PAHRODF

We are grateful that Mr. Ardy came to our institution and shared his experiences and expertise in financial management. Despite the short training time, he helped us assess and improve our own financial health status and be well-versed in managing and increasing our God-given resources. We learned a lot from his life stories, too!

We are amazed by how God worked in him and his family’s life in the past and until now. We pray that we will continually aspire to become good stewards of God’s blessings, apply what we have learned from the seminar, and share such great wisdom with others.”

– Clauds Acyatan, Chief Resources Officer, Victory Christian International School (VCIS)

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Ardy Roberto

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