The other side

As I was walking up and down the beach in Bali, this caught my eye.

A leaf looking like a spade…being washed by the waves.

But then look at it from the other side and it’s a ? heart..
I smiled and took a picture to remind me to always look at the other side.

Just like when the apostles were fishing all night in the Galilee and couldn’t catch any ? fish.

The Master watched them toil. He allowed them to get to the point of desperation (in the process building their patience and persistence.)

And just at the right time,
Jesus said “excuse me guys, perhaps you could try casting your nets on the other side.”
He didn’t yell at them saying “you morons! Are you guys insane? You haven’t caught anything all night, yet you insist on fishing on this side. Now, do as I say and throw your nets on the other side! Fools. Harumph!” No he didn’t say that.

The disciples probably looked at Jesus quizzically. “What does our teacher know about fishing? He knows the law but this is probably his first time out at sea.’

Jesus was a carpenter by trade, so what did he know about fishing? But here he was giving advice to these experienced fishermen.

But despite their doubt, the disciples, to their credit tried fishing on the other side.

And lo and whoa!

Fish were practically jumping into their nets.
Their disciples nets were so full, it was one fish away from breaking.

I wonder what I’m missing out on because I’m stubbornly stuck at doing things my way, on my side.

Lord Jesus, thank You for loving us so much that you even care to gently guide us to the other side, your side. Even when we’re so stubbornly stuck on doing things our way.

May we learn to look at the other side. Where you’ve prepared a blessing of provision and even abundance for us..if only we trust and obey.

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