Ask for the moon!

“God spoke again to Ahaz. This time he said, ‘ask for a sign from your God.
Ask anything.
Be extravagant. Ask for the moon!” – Isaiah 7:10-11

It was from Robin Gunn’s book, “How My Book Became a Movie”, where I first came across that wonderful, amazing, empowering BIble verse. The author of more than 80 books, (or is it 100?) including the wildly successful Christy Miller series, Robin and her husband, Ross, have been my Ohana family – whenever I visit Maui on my ministry trips. I first met Robin in Kenya at Littworld by @maitraining .

Robin and Ross Gunn hosted me for lunch and literature at my last visit to Maui

She’s been so generous in sharing her literary wisdom and experience with me. Anyway, Robin shared how that verse encouraged her to ask God “for the moon”–that one of her books become a movie.

And it did! “Finding Father Christmas” became a Hallmark movie and is now a trilogy (and one of the most watched TV movies in Hallmark history).

I read Robin’s book on my way back from Maui to Manila last May 2017, and when I read that verse–and Robin’s story– I felt that I too was being invited by God to ask for the moon! So I prayed and wrote in my journal: “God I ask that my wife becomes pregnant. I know it’s like asking for the moon (note: I’ve mentioned before that Miriam had a 1%-2% chance of getting pregnant naturally) but You said, ‘ask for the moon’, so I’m asking!” Miriam got pregnant a year later and we now have Elijah!

In chapter 21 of my new book, The Happy Entrepreneur, mentor Timothy shares that passage to his mentee, Eddie and encourages his to DREAM BIG because God is inviting him to “Ask for the moon!”

Seen at Maui Hawaii

We have an Abba Father in Heaven who loves to give good things to His children. (Bible says He won’t give us a stone when we ask for bread or a snake when we ask for fish, diba?) So keep close to God. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and soon, you too will hear Him say, “sige anak, ask for anything. Be extravagant. Ask for the moon!”

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Thank you @robingunn for the inspiration!


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