Writing to share the good news

Hi guys, I’m leading a 45min webinar on writing to evangelize tomorrow December 12 at 8am Chicago time or 10pm Manila time. Just sharing the link here below. You and your friends are welcome to join. It’s free, just like salvation 🙂 Click the link below for details and to register. 

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4 Ps of writing for Christ followers

Last Saturday, I spoke at a Discipleship Conference and encouraged the pastors and leaders in the audience to write and evangelise. Someone in attendance named “Glenn” from the host church, Crossworld, wrote to me asking that he wants to start writing. He felt that the Lord is leading him to write even before he attended

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God delivers on His promises

Was 2016 a Tough Year for You?

A friend sent me an email asking what tips I could give to make this year 2017 the best year ever. I thought that I could give some encouraging positive thinking kind of tips, but when i thought about it, I realized that every year or any year, no matter what happens to you, can be your best year. You could have what to others would look like the worst year ever because of trials and disasters, but the same could be a best year ever for you with a change of mindset and perspective.

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About me

Ardy Roberto

Ardy Roberto

Best-selling author of 8 books; Co-founder of Salt & Light Ventures and Inspire Leadership Consultancy; Husband to Miriam Quiambao and father to Joshy Boy.



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